Below is a list of topics that I have presented on in the past. To learn more information on any of these topics, click on the subjects below and download presenations pertaining to the topic you select.

Population Health Management
Population Health Management is the science of studying and improving the health status of entire populations or communities. It is comprehensive and aspires to keep the well well while reducing the illness burden of those who are dealing with acute illness or chronic conditions.
Pharmacy Quality Improvement
Pharmacy Quality Improvement is a clinically intensive view of prescribing and delivering medication with the intent of getting the right medication prescribed and taken appropriately based on evidence based guidelines and best efforts of medication adherence.
Behavioral Health
This is the domain of health care that studies and treats conditions that are thought to originate in the mind. However, the interplay between medical and mental illness and health cannot be over stated.
Medical Home
Medical Home is a movement to feature a center hub for all patients to coordinate their can and be accountable for results. It is based on research demonstrating the value of collaborative integrated health care delivery and the recognition that the present system in America is disorganized and wasteful.
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety is the study of efforts to improve the structure, process and outcomes of care starting at the point of reducing error rates.
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