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Over the past two decades I have been fortunate enough to work within a field that I am passionate about – medical management. Along the way I have written and edited three books whose purpose is to make the journey into this field easier and more successful for others. The names of these texts are – Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness (Second Edition - Copyright 2016) - Total Care Management: A Physician Executive’s Guide to Medical Management for the 21st Century (Published Fall 2000) and A Physician’s Guide to Patient Management for the 90’s and Beyond (Published 1995).

I have also written a number of chapters within handbooks and medical textbooks. Here are just a couple of my contributions:

I wrote the latest book Population Health with the Dean of the new School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson Medical School and was appointed a Senior Fellow there. Population Health: Creating a Culture of WellnessThis book now in its second edition may be the first textbook in the field and was written to meet the needs of the first students to matriculate through of the new school. The book has many contributing authors who make up the thought leadership in this space including Drs. Sidorov, Prochaska, Loeppke and Edington. I am proud of its wide use by graduate and medical school programs across the globe.

For those of you interested in treating whole populations of people in an efficient and effective way this book is a must read. It will provide you with a great understanding of the state of the art; balancing the tactical with the strategic. It will take the reader from health policy to its operational application.

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