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Below is a drop-down list of services that I am offering at this time. If any of these items represent an area of interest to you or your organization, please contact me and let me know how I can assist.

Organizational Medical Leadership
Corporations, integrated delivery systems, health plans, medical products and services vendors can all benefit from experienced physicians executive leadership.  Having spent significant portions of my career in the provider, payer, purchaser and vendor spaces, I can provide a unique and strategic viewing point for any organization involved in health care.  During my tenure as a front-line primary care provider, I ran a practice caring for 16,000 patients.  While serving as a corporate medical director, I was responsible for the utilization management, disease management, and quality management oversight of millions of health plan members.  At various times over 500 clinicians reported to me.  As the Global Medical Leader of GE, I led a network of business and regional medical leaders as well as over 600 front-line clinicians practicing in 230 health centers in 29 countries using eight core languages. Most recently as President and Chief Medical Officer of I-Trax over 1600 clinicians were under my leadership and responsibility. These diverse opportunities have given me great insight into organizational medical leadership.
Strategic Adviser
Presently I am assisting Walgreen's as they develop enterprise solutions to population health and disease management programming. Previously, I helped to transform I-trax from a struggling disease management company to a leader in workplace health.  In the past, I was the architect of some of the earliest efforts in disease management shaping programs to improve the health and welfare of patients with diabetes, asthma and heart disease.  While a pediatrician I contributed to the strategic underpinnings of the medical home movement today.  During my tenure as Chief Medical Officer of Intelihealth and US Quality Algorithms, I helped shaped the certification of health websites and the development of tools to identify gaps in care.
Board Member
I have served on both not-for-profit and for-profit boards among them the American College of Physician Executives and I-trax.  I was recently appointed to a board position for an exciting electronic medical record and patient management company called iMedica.  Their medical electronic record incorporates artificial intelligence to assist the clinician in documentation.
I have a consistent track record of participating within cutting edge health care delivery efforts including managed care and health plan development, disease and population health, quality management, health informatics, eHealth, emergency preparedness, global health, travel medicine, workplace health, health and productivity, and most recently, the culture of health movement.
After spending several years on the national standards of NCQA developing the accreditation programs for health plans, behavioral health organizations, preferred provider organizations, credentialing verification organizations, and disease management companies, I was trained to be an on-site reviewer to implement the standards developed.  I was eventually appointed as a chairman reviewer responsible for the auditing and analysis of three day on-site efforts to verify the documentation of activities that can lead to accreditation.  More recently, I have represented purchasers to audit the activities and effectiveness of care management by third party health care administrators.
For many years I have been a faculty member of the American College of Physician Executives.  My coursework has included a variety of topics from patient management to quality management to patient safety and home care.  More recently, I’ve provided seminars on the multiple career options for physician executives and the many stakeholders in health care. For several years, I have also been a faculty member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine teaching their flagship course on health and productivity.
System Process Optimizer
While at General Electric, I became Green Belt certified in Six Sigma.  This training augmented a decades' worth of activity demonstrating prowess in continuous quality improvement through my activities within the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC). During my tenure as President and Chief Medical Officer of I-trax, I had the great fortune to provide services to Toyota and become trained in their LEAN processing. Therefore, I have equipped to integrate the incremental process of total quality management with the remediation of the gaps approach of Six Sigma while seeking maximal efficiency utilizing Toyota processing systems (TPS).
As a Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Physician Executives, I've had the honor of mentoring many less tenured members. More recently, I have provided guidance on a more formal basis for emerging young leaders of health care. It is a delight to provide insight from my experience to minimize others’ mistakes and maximize the likelihood of their success.
Career Coach
I've published several articles documenting the importance of lifelong learning. To accomplish this I believe that every job offers you the opportunity to get paid two ways: your compensation and what you are learning on the job.  At the point where you are no longer acquiring additional knowledge in your work, you are only receiving half pay and should pursue another opportunity.  The knowledge acquired through this approach to career pathing can translate into remarkable leadership positions over time. Using this philosophy, I have helped many achieve top level positions in health care today.
It has been very rewarding to assist others in a multitude of domains to assess, develop, and implement strategies and programs in health care. In the past, I have been hired by major consulting houses such as Mercer as well as smaller entrepreneurial ventures. Most recently, I have been working with The Carter Center on issues regarding primary prevention and behavioral health - resiliency. The challenges are basically the same - to define the problem that needs to be solved and determine and prioritize the solution options.
I enjoy each and every opportunity that I have to share concepts and ideas and have been a frequent participant in the lecture and conference circuit. Within the last several years, I have spoken at the Institute of Health and Productivity Management, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the American College of Physician Executives, the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Business Group on Health, the National Business Coalition on Health, the Health Education Resource Organization, and the Disease Management Association of America to name a few.   Most recently, I provided a lecture to the Washington Circle on the medical home movement and its relationship to mental health and substance abuse.
Health care is remarkably siloed. Integration of health care services is a key solution to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. My work place health centers while at GE and I-trax were hubs of integration.  I have participated in many efforts to integrate services such as industrial hygiene, ergonomics, disability management, return to work programs rehabilitation and absence. To accomplish this, I have been involved in vendor integration efforts, both as a purchaser and as a vendor.
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