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I am most passionate about developing systems of care to meet the needs of populations, establishing the ties between the health and productivity of workforces and building cultures of health within companies, organizations and communities. By using techniques to identify people with health needs, establishing successful intervention methods and measuring the success of their impact population health management programs are delivered. For more regarding this I would recommend reading my most recent book – Population Health: Creating Cultures of Wellness now in its second edition published by Jones and Bartlett.

To better understand the fact that a healthy workforce is a competitive advantage I would refer you to the ACOEM Health & Productivity Toolkit which I have contributed to with other leaders in this field.  When companies, organizations and communities achieve a “culture of health” they are recognized by associations and institutes such as WELLCOA, HERO, NBCH, NBGH, and IHPM. HealthNEXT™ has been retained by several employers to build a “culture of health” inside their organization. It has been exciting to witness the impact of this effort. Health care costs have flattened and in some cases decreased in as short a time as three years. This parallels the impact demonstrated in the literature by benchmark companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Navistar. Productivity and workforce performance gains have also been published by Unilever and Towers Watson.

I believe that I can provide you and your organization value by:

  • Providing Guidance and Motivation Through Presentations at Major Forums
  • Building a Culture of Health
  • Designing Comprehensive Population Health Efforts
  • Improving the Quality of Care Received or Delivered
  • Enhancing the Efficiency of Care Received or Delivered
  • Developing Disease Management Programs
  • Analyzing the Merits and Implementing Workplace Health Centers
  • Keeping the Workforce Well Through Fitness and Health Risk Reduction
  • Minimizing Absence at the Workplace
  • Caring for, Educating, Mentoring, Training, Motivating and Evaluating the Clinical Workforce
  • Using Health Informatics to Establish Value
  • Creating Breakthrough Products and Services
  • Optimizing Your Systems and Processes
  • Leveraging the Benefits of eHealth
  • Meeting the Challenges of Global Health
  • Mitigating the Medical Risks of Travel
  • Preparing and Responding to Individual and Community Emergencies
My Services
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Total Care Management
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