BiographyResume / CVSkill SetDistinguished FellowDistinguished AlumnusCorporate Health Leadership Award

Strong Leadership

  • President / CMO of Publicly traded company (entrepreneurial setting)
  • GE Global Medical Leader (large corporate setting)
  • Corporate Medical Director (2 national health care companies)
  • President of Pediatric Practice (largest in county – serving 16000 children)
  • Lead Pediatrician in Inner City Child Care Clinic – academic, Medicaid)

Demonstrated Visionary

  • Restructured Retrospective Review Using Adverse Events 1993
  • Initiated Disease Management Programming 1995
  • Built Plan Sponsor Dedicated Unit 1996
  • Early contributor to National Quality Improvement Effort (NCQA) 1995 to present
  • Participated in National Internet Ethics Movement - HI Ethics (see 2000
  • Developed Metric System to Evaluate and Track GE Medical Services (Scorecard / Cockpit) 2003
  • Early contributor to Leapfrog and Bridges to Excellence 2003
  • Lead renewed focus on workplace health (AMEX:DMX) 2005
  • Early contributor to Health & Productivity movement (ACOEM) 2005

Outstanding Speaker

  • Faculty Member of American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
  • Faculty Member of American College of Physician Executives 1993 to present
  • Plenary Speaker of Institute of Health & Productivity Management
  • Repeat Speaker for the National Business Group on Health
  • Keynote Speaker National Managed Care & National Home Care Conference
  • Keynote Speaker for Aetna National Accounts & Key Accounts Training 1998-2000
  • Highest Rated Speaker of Aetna Client Advisory Group 1997-2000
  • Spoke on Radio and TV representing American Academy of Pediatrics 1985-1989

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